The bible is translated from the jews own books i.e the bible is the writing of the jews.
1/ O/T: Story of Noah – copied from Babylonian story about Uptnapista.
2/ Red Sea crossing – retelling of battle at Kadesh, Egyptians v Hittites, Egyptians lost division at ford of river.
3/ N/T: Woman at the well told “ye know not, only the jews know”.
4/ “I pray NOT for the world, only those you gave me”.
5/ “be not like them (gentiles ‘non-jews).
6/ “it is not meet to take from the children’s (jews) mouths and cast to pups [non-jews : (adults = dogs)]”, clerical dress includes ‘dog-collar’. After the crucifixion:
7/ Ceasar(s) christianised, brought down and replaced with a commoner (Pope), monarchs christianised.
8/ Edward (the confessor) capitulated to the via christianity, England conquered, the jews arrived in England.
9/ England involved in the Crusades on behalf of/in favour of the jews.
9/ Only the jews were allowed to lend money, eventually caused trouble, jews forced to leave the country.
10/ ‘Reformation’ in Germany (house divided).
11/ Henry VIII made (FD) via the Vatican, [the Vatican being under the influence of the jews via the bible].
12/ Protestant/catholic rivalry – country divided.
13/ Charles I beheaded [bible v bible].
14/ Continued protestant/catholic rivalry.
15/ Queen Victoria (FD) made EoI (technically head of Hinduism), via Government, [influence of the jews via the bible].
16/ 1917 – King issued proclamation of recognition of the jews, including arrangement for a place of settlement somewhere in the Middle East.
17/ WWII – jews prime cause – Hitler underestimated the influence of the jews through the bible.
18/ Modern: In 1948 the jews ‘took up’ residence in Palestine declaring themselves a legal state [see note 16/] (they occupy most of it and control the remainder).
19/ The UK supplied the jews with nuclear material in the nineteen-fifties.
20/ The US signed an agreement of backup-support to the jews.
21/ The jews continued to occupy more and more of Palestine as a result of the UK objecting to Egypt’s control of the Suez and (support of the UK and the US).
22/ The jews bombed Iraq’s nuclear setup – Saddam forced to recoup – US and UK invaded Iraq.
23/ The jews complained (via media) about Syria – ‘cautioned’ by US : jews bomb Syria, Syria complained in in UN, no news of any action taken.
24/ The jews are still Defended by the reigning Monarch of England/UK. (Informed by myself by letter over a period of time during 1980’s/90’s), including informing FD that I am not her loyal subject. Having got no response I wrote, again over period of time to the then PM Tony Blair, later wrote to Gordon Brown, and eventually David Cameron, (+ Martin-Smith MP), all (with the exception of FD) acknowledged receipt but no further action.
For this/these reasons, being aware of the contents/purpose of the bible, I have thrown it into the bin and do not support/condone the bible in any way shape or form, quite the opposite through talk, postings on the web etc.
Mr William Gordon, 57 McClay Park, Omagh BT79 0DF

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